The stories that make up FinTech continue at FinTECHTalents

“I’ve seen more startups do more demos on stage than most people should see in their lifetime,” says Liz Lumley, architect of the FinTECHTalents Festival to Christophe Langiois, CMO of The FinTech Power 50 in an interview at Barclays Rise this spring. However, that first contact, those first stirrings when you listen to a founder and think ‘wow, that’s cool’ happens not in your head, nor on a spreadsheet or in a lawyer’s office. It happens in your heart.

FinTECHTalents Generation 2019 will be about the big questions, the deeper conversation – but most of all it will be about stories. Dive into your loft and drag out that dusty box from your garage – you might find a diary, a picture book or a ‘floppy disc’ with a secret, a record, or a clue to the start of your ‘story.’ Join us this November for a Festival where you will add to your story.