The jobs of the future will need curiosity, creativity and communication

“There’s no magic formula in terms of how to prepare for the future or what the future landscape of jobs will look like,” says Diana Biggs, Head of Digital Innovation

Speaking to HotTopics at FinTECHTalents 2018, Biggs advises the FinTech industry to focus on some core skills that will be transferable and  have the ability to adapt and continue to learn as the landscape around us changes.

The bank has just launched HSBC University internally as well as an internal speaker series where we bring in external speakers every month to share their learnings with the bank.  “Clearly a lot of the focus for the future is on digital on creating mobile first experiences,” says Biggs. “But as individuals, what we can bring to that are skills such as curiosity, creativity and communication that we can then blend with that technology to move forward digital skills overall in around the world. Today there’s a shortage of that.”