Brand Development, Lead Generation

The Challenge

As an early stage start-up, building brand and product awareness with innovation teams across the financial sector was a primary focus to generating effective business leads. However, with limited marketing budget and existing shows failing to cater for early stage businesses, the challenge was to find a platform that would provide a more tailored solution to meet their current business needs and ensure they maximised return on their marketing investment.

The solution

With a pre-festival content and social media campaign, the business was able to start building their brand awareness to a highly relevant audience whilst amplifying reach to the wider fintech community. Positioning the CEO as a thought leader with a carefully curated editorial Q&A further built credibility and integrity with the brand and their flagship product. To then be able to connect with that audience, tell their story and demonstrate their product at the Festival allowed them to continue that business development story and generate meaningful leads for post-event follow up.

The results
  • Substantial content exposure and brand awareness achieved
  • Increase social media following on their own channels
  • Positive brand association as part of the FinTECHTalents sponsor community
  • Achieved significant cut through in a highly competitive sector
  • Connected with potential strategic partners and developed tangible business leads at the Festival
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