Unique experiences that enhance meaningful connections.

We convene our communities to live unique experiences that enhance meaningful connections.

Music, technology, dynamic programme formats, new audience groups and streamlined networking sessions. Business connections and access to information paired with craft beer and live music sessions – our events are the pinnacle of our efforts – they are the physical manifestation of our content and communities and it doesn’t end there.

Those communities then generate further content from attending our events, amplifying our reach and distribution and in turn creating bigger and better experiences.

Micro Bespoke Events

Powered by your business. We develop an event brand, a content hub, an online identity and a tailored programme. More importantly, we build a completely bespoke audience based on your strategic needs and goals. Micro bespoke events ( virtual & physical ) are the ideal channel to engage new prospects in an intimate and effective format driven by content and exclusivity, and more importantly establish the foundations for a new community.


Industry Conferences

Content led and intimate. Our industry conferences leverage more traditional programme formats such as workshops, case studies and panel discussions. Our conferences are the ideal platform to engage prospective clients and educate the market about your latest product development or solution, demonstrate thought leadership and associate your brand with a particular industry trend or theme.

Large Tech Festivals

Experience and new audience groups. Our large tech festivals bring together over 2,000 participants to engage, share learnings and experience unique formats such as live music, street food and art, alongside hackathons and code challenges, whilst still benefiting from business connections, media exposure and over 30 hours of content sessions.