Expanding to the US with creativity and innovation

Terry Gore

We sat down with Terry Gore, Director of Financial Services & FinTech at JobsOhio at FinTECHTalents 2019, where he talks about growing from a ‘scrappy startup’ to expanding to the US, the importance of soft skills and how Ohio is the place for creativity, the arts and music.

Watch the video now:

How important is JobsOhio in enabling companies to attain growth in America?

I think any startup, you go in, you’re in scrappy mode – the ultimate goal is to build it out and a big part of that expansion generally involves the US. We want to be a part of that and helping them have that soft landing into the US.

What does FinTech need from the talent perspective?

The conversations that I have with companies, probably the biggest thing that’s really lacking is soft skills. Don’t dismiss the fact that soft skills are an integral part of your job. You can be great in AI, you could be great at blockchain – you have to have the soft skills that’s just as critical as being able to actually have the knowledge to do the job which you are to do. I would say, I would recommend that all talent, especially those getting into their profession – don’t lose sight of that.

How does the creativity in Ohio translate into FinTech?

I think there’s definitely a correlation. I think obviously the artistic approach and artistic view – involving music, the arts, is a draw – a natural draw.
It’s the same with people in innovation and the FinTech space – the youth, the energy associated with it, there is an opportunity to kind of merge the two. Ohio definitely is a spot that allows that creativity, we spur the innovation and the more the better.