KYC/AML for the ‘good guys’
RegTech startup Altergaia is looking to tackle fraud for small to medium-sized businesses. What is Altergaia – what problem are you solving?  Altergaia is a KYC/AML software company with a business focus that runs on  It stops you wasting time trying...
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The FinTech of the Week is … Keepabl, your source for dealing with GDPR compliance
GDPR compliance software supplier, Keepabl, kicks off our FinTECHTalents FinTech of the Week for 2020. Robert Baugh, CEO, Keepabl sat down to talk about the global influence of GDPR and it's compatibility with blockchain solutions and other emerging technologies at...
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Better regulatory compliance and living a life you’ll remember
Working within an agile, empowered workplace culture, the team at Objective seek to provide regulated companies with cloud solutions to provide better governance. We hear from Stewart Davies, head of UK Financial Services, Objective ahead of the Festival in November....
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Risk management for an interconnected world
The gang at FNA not only appreciate the complexity of mapping multifaceted relationships to better understand modern financial markets, they also take the time to appreciate Mancunian beer that showcases local artists. What is FNA – what problem are you...
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ING and CBA tackles MiFID II/MiFIR in seconds with Ascent
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ING and CBA Pinpoint MiFID-II/MiFIR Obligations in 2.5 Minutes Using Ascent. Regulatory compliance programs cost financial firms billions of dollars annually. Much of this cost is a result of the exhaustive amount of time required to manually analyze regulations and...
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Easing the pain of GDPR
Keepabl offers an intuitive, customer-focused GDPR-as-a-Service solution. Their ‘product-led’ software regularly gets incredibly positive emotional responses when people see the solution. The two year old startup is often told by clients: ‘I can’t wait to use this’ – and this...
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PAD is not enough… Biometric security needs RAD
A thought provoking blog post from Gabriel Turner, Product Manager, iProov. Presentation Attack Detection or "PAD" is increasingly a hot topic within the biometrics industry. While this is definitely a step in the right direction, cyber-thieves are still diligently exploiting...
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RegTech’s moment has arrived
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After Brian Clark witnessed the under-regulation, risk-taking and lax compliance practices that led to the 2008 global financial crisis, he founded Ascent. The RegTech company keeps businesses ahead of increasing regulation, helping them reduce regulatory and reputational risk. Today, the...
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You need your ‘Tech’ in your ‘Fin’ (even if you don’t have to say it) Our community has spoken
There is some debate over when the word 'FinTech' first came into use. I remember it being used in my New York office in the mid 1990s as a shortened, pre-hashtag, version of Financial Technology, there is evidence of a...
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Do we still need ‘FinTech’?
At last week's FinTECH4Life event Vica Manos, managing director at Anthemis Group commented that they do not use the term 'FinTech' inside their venture capital operation. "We say Financial Services and the tech is assumed," she said. The reasons behind...
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