AI/Machine Learning

FinTech Festival craft beer
At the end of the day, it’s about building relationships
We sat down with social media expert Jay Palter to discuss AI, influencers and making real connections at FinTECHTalents 2019. Watch the video now: What is the biggest issue in financial services at the moment? The biggest issue in financial...
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Terry Gore
Expanding to the US with creativity and innovation
We sat down with Terry Gore, Director of Financial Services & FinTech at JobsOhio at FinTECHTalents 2019, where he talks about growing from a 'scrappy startup' to expanding to the US, the importance of soft skills and how Ohio is...
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The FinTech of the Week is … Keepabl, your source for dealing with GDPR compliance
GDPR compliance software supplier, Keepabl, kicks off our FinTECHTalents FinTech of the Week for 2020. Robert Baugh, CEO, Keepabl sat down to talk about the global influence of GDPR and it's compatibility with blockchain solutions and other emerging technologies at...
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FinTECHTalents 2019 was a blast!
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As we cleared away the last of the beer cups and stored our guitars at the launch of FinTECHTalents in 2018 we all had one thought: How do we make 2019 Bigger, Better, Bolder and, most importantly, Braver. And, in...
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Continuing the conversation around, technology, innovation and science fiction
I hung out with our FinTECHTalents partners, FinTech Finance at this year’s London Sibos event where I sat down with several people to chat about FinTech and innovation over the past 10 years and what we can expect from the...
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Responsive wealth management
Responsive has been able to predict with up to 99% accuracy how and when clients spend money. This helps Responsive work with wealth managers, banks, IFAs, asset managers and insurers to build hybrid advice and holistic client analytics solutions. What...
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Solving the hardest problem in banking
In the run up to the FinTECHTalents Festival we sat down with Paul Taylor, co-founder and CEO of Thought Machine to find out how cloud adoption can change the entire culture of a bank, why startups should focus on markets...
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Risk management for an interconnected world
The gang at FNA not only appreciate the complexity of mapping multifaceted relationships to better understand modern financial markets, they also take the time to appreciate Mancunian beer that showcases local artists. What is FNA – what problem are you...
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Inventing a helicopter from looking at dragonflies
Ceri Godwin, Director of Growth & Advisory, EmTech, Santander UK sat down with us after the FinTECHTalents Steering Committee 'donuts & danish' breakfast this summer. Here she talks about FinTech for good, 'out of the box' thinking and her dream...
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Coding is the world’s largest team sport
There is a common misconception that software developers work in silos, however, collaboration is one of the most important characteristics for being a good developer. GitHub provides a platform and a community to connect the millions of people each year...
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