Terry Gore
Expanding to the US with creativity and innovation
We sat down with Terry Gore, Director of Financial Services & FinTech at JobsOhio at FinTECHTalents 2019, where he talks about growing from a 'scrappy startup' to expanding to the US, the importance of soft skills and how Ohio is...
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Show me the (tokenised) money
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I was listening to a panel about Security Tokens last week and couldn't avoid thinking that I somehow time-travelled to 2029, scratching my head in an attempt to remember what Michael J Fox did to go back in time... While...
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What does Deliveroo mean for banks?
Speaking to HotTopics at FinTECHTalents 2018, Pol Navarro, CDO, TSB outlines his views on agile, collaboration and customer-focused teams. What does a productive culture look like? I think that for me when we think about culture it all starts with...
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You need your ‘Tech’ in your ‘Fin’ (even if you don’t have to say it) Our community has spoken
There is some debate over when the word 'FinTech' first came into use. I remember it being used in my New York office in the mid 1990s as a shortened, pre-hashtag, version of Financial Technology, there is evidence of a...
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Do we still need ‘FinTech’?
At last week's FinTECH4Life event Vica Manos, managing director at Anthemis Group commented that they do not use the term 'FinTech' inside their venture capital operation. "We say Financial Services and the tech is assumed," she said. The reasons behind...
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